Foxy Jenkins the Jewish Haberdasher (vampire_sushi) wrote,
Foxy Jenkins the Jewish Haberdasher

cynicism bores me

i am a human bundle of anxiety when i think about what i'm doing and what i will be doing in the next 48 hours. Nothing is sorted out! Nothing! An empty house all around me that is just begging for me to leave. No, i must clean you or else I will lose tons of money. When??? When in the hell will I be able to do any of this?!

I have it on psychedelic sources that some major event will break out or HAPPEN or come to the forefront of mass consciousness. . . around the 26th of this month, any time from then on till November 4th or 5th. its hard to say what it is, but it is fun to say this with some illusion of certainty that cannot be broken by anyone or anything but the lack of something happening around those dates.

so... we're about right in the middle of that pink box, at the first low spike. so clearly things just wind down from there to asymptotic foreverness, but lets ride out these few last leaps downward and have fun!

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