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You've entered the blender! [entries|friends|calendar]
Foxy Jenkins the Jewish Haberdasher

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[18 Jul 2020|08:30pm]
make a nigga wanna FUCK

smoke in our eyes [20 May 2010|10:48am]
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lsdgalize it! [19 Apr 2010|03:45pm]

After taking the hallucinogen, Dr. Martin put on an eye mask and headphones, and lay on a couch listening to classical music as he contemplated the universe.

“All of a sudden, everything familiar started evaporating,” he recalled. “Imagine you fall off a boat out in the open ocean, and you turn around, and the boat is gone. And then the water’s gone. And then you’re gone.”


pretty decent description from a presumably pretty intelligent guy.
make a nigga wanna FUCK

[16 Mar 2010|01:13am]
make a nigga wanna FUCK

[04 Mar 2010|01:13pm]

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[04 Mar 2010|01:11pm]
i feel incredibly light. i look at the sky above me and for the first time in so long, i see how expansive it is and indifferent it is to everything going on below. a thousand stories happening simultaneously, hearts torn down and minds blown. 90% of them won't mean a damn, all you need is time. the sky keeps moving, the clouds keep swallowing themselves and churning into new forms that have nothing to do with what they were ten minutes before.

its crazy how i have been filtering out the vast expanse of directions life offers. life isn't a maze with one path you have to tread through endlessly. i can stop for a second, look down at a blade of grass under my feet, sit down and feel the rich dirt under my fingers, seeping through my pores. feel myself absorbing into the earth, forgetting time and space. there is no tv noise. there is no pollution. there can be nothing but you and a world that you've put your careful attention towards creating. even when we don't pay attention closely, we're still creating our world, right? and thats when it strays, frays, you-i-we feel lost because none of it feels natural. this is when we have to pay attention.
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nice tits, cupcake [20 Feb 2010|11:35pm]
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[15 Feb 2010|09:57am]

God ain't got nothin' on me today
make a nigga wanna FUCK

fucking.sick.kkkk [22 Nov 2009|06:50pm]
jesus holy hell. nausea this morning like nothing i've experienced since i was 12. oh shitttttttt more???

yes. more. i'm delirious, this is terrible. vomiting like forever. my head is a hot balloon. my legs are strawberry jelly. my guts are OMG WAIT DOGGGG!!!!

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lsdgalize it [10 Nov 2009|03:04pm]
This is why Los Angeles blows.

I think its pretty fucking dumb that I am constantly met by a homeless person asking for change at a certain downtown stoplight as i look ahead at my perfect view of this monstrosity and the accompanying futurist, expensive, skyscraping Ritz-Carlton.

This is fueling a possible move to the bay area.  I'd like:

-colder weather
-a smarter populace?
-less money flying around me, in and out of people's mouths and asses
-large empty spaces to art and music
-less blissfully unaware too-comfortable people

p.s. rah rah about possibly legalizing pot. now lets move on to the serious things, those mysterious capped little wonders!
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martian dunes! [10 Nov 2009|02:49pm]


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cynicism bores me [12 Oct 2009|09:13am]
i am a human bundle of anxiety when i think about what i'm doing and what i will be doing in the next 48 hours. Nothing is sorted out! Nothing! An empty house all around me that is just begging for me to leave. No, i must clean you or else I will lose tons of money. When??? When in the hell will I be able to do any of this?!

I have it on psychedelic sources that some major event will break out or HAPPEN or come to the forefront of mass consciousness. . . around the 26th of this month, any time from then on till November 4th or 5th. its hard to say what it is, but it is fun to say this with some illusion of certainty that cannot be broken by anyone or anything but the lack of something happening around those dates.

so... we're about right in the middle of that pink box, at the first low spike. so clearly things just wind down from there to asymptotic foreverness, but lets ride out these few last leaps downward and have fun!

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[11 Oct 2009|04:51pm]
make a nigga wanna FUCK

awwwwwwesomeeeeee [05 Sep 2009|11:09am]

make a nigga wanna FUCK

[03 Aug 2009|04:04pm]

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eep. [02 Jul 2009|09:31am]
pay no attention to these two TOTALLY UNRELATED stories...


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[22 May 2009|03:23pm]
wahhhhhh my job....

the computer programmer for the office, just in for a small project, got super stressed working with our computer and always coming up with the Blue Screen of Death and all these other problems. so he went to our boss just now and told him about how stressed he's feeling and how he wants to finish this project he's doing but something happened and he just can't finish today and he feels awful about it etc etc etc.  so my boss gave him a hug! and told him it was cool and that its not a problem and that he should just take it easy and get it done without going nuts about it.

and i just had a nice long lunch with him and my supervisor where we walked through the Japanese gardens, shared a beer, and ate sushi...shiiiiiitttttt.


make a nigga wanna FUCK

[15 May 2009|12:15pm]

in other words, i've quit and have a new job. i can say goodbye to ^^my boss^^ and hello to the normal people out there, i.e. dreadheaded anarchists and genuinely nice people.  i'll be working for a union that represents, coordinates, and lobbies for the medical marijuana collectives in Los Angeles. i will be paid 50% more than my last job, i'm working 11am to 7pm instead of 7am to 3pm, and i won't have to get small injuries to my hands and elsewhere on a daily basis. i'll mostly be a writer of anything that needs to be written or transcribed

basially my life has just skyrocketed from probably one of its worst eras to maybe its best.

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[03 May 2009|11:17pm]
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a drug-addicted sex fiend flees home . . . [24 Apr 2009|02:01pm]
.  .  .  only to find herself in the arms of a power-mad white supremacist

make a nigga wanna FUCK

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