Foxy Jenkins the Jewish Haberdasher (vampire_sushi) wrote,
Foxy Jenkins the Jewish Haberdasher

martian dunes!

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look at me, i´m a little mind blown human.
this is like when that guy brought a drawing of an elephant for the first time, which probably had a moustache, and showed it to his town.
stupid me. i will fumble the simplest of things. comment goes HERE. as i said before...

or the time when the woman made the first milkshake with peanut butter in it.

rah rahhhh is all i can say. hi!
you what?

i´d never heard of that...

hi hi!
i'd never heard of the other thing, what you said, so i made mine up 8-)

why not chat, ey?
oh, i am not currently able..
mine was true though.. there are beautiful edgings from explorers of times of old who wanted to tell about new animals and made mistakes like giving whales feet or funny, cartoony features..
i deduce they just couldn´t tell free whales to stay still while they did those very time consuming drawings..