Foxy Jenkins the Jewish Haberdasher (vampire_sushi) wrote,
Foxy Jenkins the Jewish Haberdasher

lsdgalize it

This is why Los Angeles blows.

I think its pretty fucking dumb that I am constantly met by a homeless person asking for change at a certain downtown stoplight as i look ahead at my perfect view of this monstrosity and the accompanying futurist, expensive, skyscraping Ritz-Carlton.

This is fueling a possible move to the bay area.  I'd like:

-colder weather
-a smarter populace?
-less money flying around me, in and out of people's mouths and asses
-large empty spaces to art and music
-less blissfully unaware too-comfortable people

p.s. rah rah about possibly legalizing pot. now lets move on to the serious things, those mysterious capped little wonders!
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i will do mushrooms with you in LA when i get there
hahaha okay!
anywhere specific in the bay area?

hi we don't really know each other, i was looking through my old journal entries in 2003 and you had commented in some
i remember. actually, since that post i got an offer to live in arizona at my aunt's house while she's away. not paying rent in some tiny desert town might win out.